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Earning points with Fully Loaded's Rewards Program is easy and fun. Get free cans of dip and more by accumulating points through your regular purchases. Plus, signing up is free and fast!

Start building your points quickly by:

  1. Purchasing dip as normal
  2. Signing up (Look for the sign up button in the lower-right part of your screen. Sign up now to earn 50 points!)
  3. Gaining 1 point for every dollar spent (e.g. $5 = 5 points)

Every 25 points you accumulate gives you $1.00 to save off a future order. Sign up now to start saving!

You can also earn points through other actions. These include:

  • Referring a friend (Friend gets 15% off his purchase)
    250 points
  • Signing up for this program 
    50 points
  • Having a birthday
    100 points
  • Sharing the program on Facebook
    10 points
  • Sharing it on Instagram
    20 points
  • Sharing it on Twitter
    10 points

The more you spend, the higher your rank in the rewards program goes.

  • You must spend $100 in last 90 days
  • You earn points 1.2x faster (e.g. $1 earns 1.2 points)
  • You get 100 points for reaching this tier
  • You must spend $250 in last 120 days
  • You earn points 1.35x faster (e.g. $1 earns 1.35 points)
  • You get 250 points for reaching this tier

Big Dipper
  • You must spend $750 in last 365 days
  • You earn points 1.5x faster (e.g. $1 earns 1.5 points)
  • You get 1,000 points for reaching this tier

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