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Shout Out By Joe Rogan!

Joe explains the power of nootropics and how he uses our ALPHA Nootropic Pouches on JRE MMA Show #154

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NEW! Nootropic & Hydration Drinks!

Get the benefits of brain boosting nootropics combined with hydration support of electrolytes!

Try a Sample Pack + Water Bottle for just $7.99!

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Feel the VIBE

VIBE helps you boost relaxation, feel relief from pain and enhance your focus. Its cannabis Terpenes provide that distinct aroma and flavor you won't find anywhere else. (Link goes to

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ALPHA Nootropic Pouches

  • Boost calm, memory and focus every day
  • Proprietary blend of nootropics to boost your brain, ease anxiety and curb cravings
  • 3 excellent flavors
  • Effective nicotine replacement pouch
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